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Work and Time Tracking

Tracking Work Progress

Track job progress in real-time from the web or mobile application  

Work Tracking

  • Document the work completed against the estimate on the mobile app

  • Monitor the work completed from the office

  • Document changes including the reason for the change and authorizations

  • Build the invoice or deliverable required by the customer

  • We automate the invoice or deliverable required by the customer instead of build


Time Tracking​: There are two ways to track time

  • Build an electronic time sheet

  • Use clock-in function

    • Identify the resources and equipment being used

    • Clock-in feature on the mobile device used to track time to the individual job

    • Clock-in to each job to track the time for that job

    • Clock-out at the end of the day to create a time sheet

Staff in the field can edit work items as they're completed and add notes and photos as necessary

You can track supplies and work units from the home office as they are used or completed.

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