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Master Job File

System Setup


The system setup module allows administrators to manage user accounts, manage customers, update pricing, unitl libraries, rates, materials, labor costs, and equipment.

  • Option 3 bolts onto Contractor ERP / Accounting system. Providing a new interface to share, view and track information

  • Option 3 has a mobile and web interface

  • All information syncs to the cloud providing real-time information to all users

  • Track job progress and crew locations in real-time. Review job briefs as they are completed

  • Information stored in digital job folders, centralizing and simplifying job info

  • Offline features ensure crews can access and update information even when in an area with no cellular service

Web Job Homepage

Get Started with Option 3

Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects and organizes your job site during the entire construction outsourcing process, saving money, improving safety, and driving efficiency and project information accuracy.