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Storm Manager connects utilities with available contractors like no other product on the market. All utilities and contractors across North America can use a single platform allowing for easy securing, processing, and tracking of external crews for any type of emergency response event.


  • Storm Manager is a cloud-based software platform

  • Connects contractors and utilities to share real-time info

  • Integrated mobile & web applications

  • Creates digital record of all activity

  • Time, user, GPS stamps every transaction

  • Supports all types of resources – d-line, tree, t-line, substation

  • Supports internal, contractor, and mutual aid resources

  • Streamlines and automates invoicing

Storm Manager drives cost savings by limiting the amount of overtime worked during the event and drastically reducing the post storm reconciliation. At the same time, it will improve efficiency, provide real-time information, and lead to more informed / better decision-making. From a regulatory perspective, Storm Manager creates comprehensive detailed records of the event, improving your ability to recover storm-related costs. In addition, Storm Manager can automate your regulatory reporting during the event and improve your ability to quickly and accurately answer data requests when filing rate cases. Lastly, the pricing model for Storm Manager is based on a service fee, not requiring large up-front investment. Costs are incurred based on the invoices processed by the system during the event. Therefore, when you are not using the system, you are not paying for it and when you do use the system, the costs incurred are storm-related and often recoverable.



Resource & Equipment, Org building, Crew Sheets


On Clock, Tracking, Submissions & Approval


Take Pictures of Receipts and Submit


Rate Selector, Automated Invoice & Approval


Build Inventory, Assign Rooms, Invoicing Meals Options


Cost Tracking, Crew Locations, Logistic Summery


Workforce Evaluation, Targeted Messaging / Notifications


Mutual Aid & Non IOU Marketplace

Storm Manager drives benefits throughout the entire restoration process and post storm reconciliation including:

  • Cost Savings - reduces OT hours worked during storm, streamlines post storm reconciliation, and eliminates redundant / non-value added tasks

  • Cost Recovery - better records improve the ability to recover storm related costs

  • Efficiency Improvements - streamline activities and improved information empowers everyone to make better decisions

  • Resource Acquisition - secure the resources you require more quickly. Marketplace provides visibility of available resources

Generate Crew Sheets & keep track of your team

While on the road or on the job your team leaders can track their team members and manage the project from their mobile device.  See the crew sheet and click into any resource detail to conveniently message or phone them.

Each Team Member has a custom profile

From the mobile app, field workers & bird dogs can track food, lodging, and expenses. Utilities Storm Staff share real-time information with the crews throughout the event.

Web Interface

Your home office can login through the web interface and see all the data generated by the team in the field, track team locations, expenses, and generate reports, secure resources, create crew sheets, etc.

From your profile page, each employee can see what food and lodging they have been assigned as well as get GPS directions to their food and hotel locations.

Employees can also create and submit new expenses and document the receipts.

Keep Track of your Workforce at all times 

Reporting Module

Set up custom reports on locations, work status, work type, or any other data related to your teams and the jobs they are working on.