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Scheduling and Work and Management

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Scheduling ‚Äčand Work Management

  • See work coming in

  • Log new work as it comes in

  • See the status of active work

  • Schedule and assign work and jobs

  • Office/Admin view of jobs by map, on a chart

  • Workers can see their assignments on Mobile

  • Upload feature – upload work in a consistent format

You can see all your jobs on a map. You have the ability to filter the jobs by using the tool bar at the top. You can hover over a pin to get the details. You can click on a pin to adjust the schedule or go to the details of that job.

Schedule new Jobs from the Home Page on PC, from the map view, from the chart view, and on mobile.  When a job is scheduled on the Web Application it automatically shows up on the mobile application of the person assigned.  Here's the Web version.

And here's what the same job looks like when viewed from the employee's mobile device where it will show up immediately.

Field workers will see their assignments on their phones and can scroll between days to see what's completed and what is coming up in terms of assignments.


This is the chart view for scheduling and the applications gives you an easy ability to toggle between the two views (while maintaining the filters). In the chart view you can select and assign multiple jobs to one foreman and you can see the foreman schedules on the right

Jobs assigned to you show-up in the day they are assigned and then you can toggle between the days to see what you have assigned in the feature or to look back at the work completed.