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Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects contractors and utilities during the entire construction outsourcing process, saving money, improving safety, and driving efficiency and project information accuracy.

Option 3 Improves Business Processes for Roofing Contractors

Works off-line when data isn't available at job site

Streamline operations and drive efficiency

Integrated mobile and web applications

Cloud-based software platfoms

Track and share information in real-time (notes, docs, photos)

Eliminate manual / redundant tasks

Ability to look back historically at any job's details

Integrates with your Accounting Systems

Improved data accuracy

Better information to make more informed decisions

Eliminate paper from the process and automate deliverables

Improves Business Processes for Roofing Contractors

Connectivity – each person on site can learn from the previous visitors to the site (EHASP connected to Tailboards)

Improves Record Keeping for Roofing Contractors

GPS Record – each design point gets a board. On the board hazards, mitigations, pictures, & notes

Automate process for Roofing Contractors

Automation of Daily Crew Rosters, KPIs, other reports

All transactions – user, GPS, time stamped


Option 3 pulls jobs from Work Management System, supports estimating, construction, and invoice approvals and pushes approved invoice to ERP system for payment.

Easy to Use

  • Integrated mobile and web application

  • Applicable for all types of contractor businesses and supports all contract types – units, T&E, lump sum bids


  • Bridges Contractor Work Management and ERP systems

  • Creates digital records of all user activity


  • Dedicated support and training team

Modernize the way you manage contractors by using Option 3

Save money, eliminate waste, improve safety, drive efficiency and benefit from unprecedented improvement in information flow and access