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OPTION 3 for Plumbing Contractors

Option 3 helps plumbing companies estimate jobs, manage field workers, and organize delivery to clients.  You can integrate with your accounting package or back office tools, synchronize prices of plumbing supplies, and increase your company's profitability. 

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Works off-line when data isn't available at job site

Streamline operations and drive efficiency

Integrated mobile and web applications

Cloud-based software platfoms

Track and share information in real-time (notes, docs, photos)

Eliminate manual / redundant tasks

Ability to look back historically at any job's details

Integrates with your Accounting Systems

Improved data accuracy

Better information to make more informed decisions

Eliminate paper from the process and automate deliverables

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Option 3 pulls jobs from Work Management System, supports estimating, construction, and invoice approvals and pushes approved invoice to ERP system for payment.


Option 3 creates benefits for utilities and contractors. 

  • Improved worker safety

  • Better record keeping

  • Centralized pictures and notes

  • Real-time information

  • Transparency

  • Immediate targeted communication

  • Efficiency savings

  • Eliminate manual entry / reduce human error

  • Improved management

  • Ability to learn from information

OPTION 3 Supports entire construction outsourcing process

Modernizing Operations

Many contractors, even large contractors, still operate their businesses using paper, pen, spreadsheet, phone, and walkie-talkies.

You can move into the digital future with EleApp to reduce costs, and increase efficiency at the same time.