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Safety Module

With Option 3 you can reduce injuries and dramatically reduce the effort to comply with safety regulations.  Improving safety will drive efficiency and reduce your costs.



  • HASP – pre-construction walk-down of the site to identify hazards and mitigations.

  • Job Brief – completed at day (sometimes multiple times a day of the task changes). Review the hazards for the day, nearest hospital and other pertinent safety information.

  • Evaluations – people outside of the crew can visit the site to do an assessment of the job site and crew from a safety perspective and fill out the evaluation form on the mobile app, reducing paperwork and increasing accuracy. 

  • Incident Tracking – if someone gets hurt, log the incident and send notifications to the appropriate people.

  • GPS Notifications – notifies users of hazards in their proximity

OPTION 3 Safety Module

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Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects and organizes your job site during the entire construction outsourcing process, saving money, improving safety, and driving efficiency and project information accuracy.