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Reports, Audits and Forecasting

OPTION 3 Reports, Audits, and Forecasting

  • By  consolidating information into one place, Option 3 can produce dynamic reports

  • Contractors can view productivity & profitability in various ways (by job, by crew, by day, by location per day, or even by unit

  • Option 3 uses innovative ways to collect information, minimizing data entry while providing unparalleled reporting

  • Build Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports to assess workforce performance

  • Option 3 uses the digital record generated by activity to uncover and report on trends that are undetectable using current methods

  • Using Option 3, provides contractors a deeper understanding of their operations, employee performance, productivity, and profitability

Time Allocations all interface is an easy to use interface which allows crews to allocate their time to specific tasks.  The categories are all customizable and can be used to get an accurate understanding on unit prices.  This data allows Option 3 to generate Project performance reports (below) and daily crew reports (also pictured below).

Get Started with Option 3

Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects and organizes your job site during the entire construction outsourcing process, saving money, improving safety, and driving efficiency and project information accuracy.