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Master Job File

Master Job File Organizes Real Time Job Info

The Master Job File stores all the information for each job in one place in the cloud where it can be accessed with controls by supervisors, managers, clients, and accountants.

  • Each Job has a folder. All information for that job gets filed in the folder.

  • Each user has an interface customized to the tasks they are completing

  • Everyone has the ability to see real time updates as the work is completed Utility / Contractor set viewing permissions for components

  • You can manage jobs from mobile devices or from the web

  • Users can shared notes, photos, and documents on both mobile and web

  • Jobs can be segmented into sub-jobs for tracking purposes

  • Mobile functions work off-line allowing the field crew to see schedules, take notes, photos, and interact with the app even if the job site does not have internet access.  All data will sync when the crew gets back into cellular coverage area

  • Local Job Function: users can easily, with one click, generate a list of jobs sorted by geographic distance from the user allowing you to visit the closest locations quickly and easily for inspections.

What goes into the Job File?

A Job File is kept on every job which collects and organizes information in real-time as the job progresses.  You can set viewing permissions for each components.

Get Started with Option 3

Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects and organizes your job site during the entire construction outsourcing process, saving money, improving safety, and driving efficiency and project information accuracy.

How it Works

Jobs can be split into as many sub-jobs (Design Points)  as required.  A house renovation could be tracked with a kitchen and several bathrooms as sub jobs, for example.  Each has its own data from cost and time estimates to crew scheduling, and performance monitoring.

View a job file from the office or the field

As job files are updated, you can see the same view of the job from a PC or Mac in your office or from the field on a mobile device.  Both are updated in real time as changes are made or data is added.

Create notes and take photos in the field

As your staff takes notes or photos in the field, you can see them in the office on your PC.  Likewise, if someone in the field needs a document, you can upload it to the job their working on from the office and they'll see it on their mobile device.

Photos on PC and Mobile

Documents shared on PC and Mobile

Notes on PC and Mobile