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OPTION 3 for Utility Contractors

Utilities spend billions of dollars every year maintaining and upgrading electric and gas infrastructure in the US. Utilities hire contractors to complete much of this work.

Work is completed in the field but paperwork is done in the office, often causing multiple layers of handoffs and systematic data entry.

This wide-scale manual input results in unknown mistakes, inability to detect fraud, and more expensive prices from the contractor who bares the brunt of burden.

At the same time, demands for information are increasing and this process struggles to produce the information being requested.


Option 3 pulls jobs from Work Management System, supports estimating, construction, and invoice approvals and pushes approved invoice to ERP system for payment.


Import or enter jobs, Manage, edit, add info to jobs


Schedule Jobs for Construction
Map & Foreman View


Identify work to complete- units, manpower, material

Identify hazards
Select mitigations


Complete job brief, review hazards


Document time, people, equipment, material, and work completed


Automate invoicing, utility deliverables, and payroll
Feed information to other Contractor systems

Build and save reports

Export to send to others

Financial & Workforce Reports

Your company provides millions of dollars per year of construction and maintenance work to clients. Option 3 ensures you deliver those services as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.


Benefits:  Option 3 creates benefits for utilities and contractors. 


  • Cost Savings

  • Improved worker safety

  • Better information & record keeping

  • Reduce manual entry, redundancy, & human error

  • Improved management / decision making

  • Learn from information

  • Automate deliverables

  • Improved forecasting and accruals

  • Real time access to shared information for all users – more informed decision making

  • Empowers your foreman and field-based workforce
  • Provides new insight into your operations
  • Improve regulatory reporting capabilities