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Modernize the way you manage contractors

Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that connects contractors and utilities during the entire construction outsourcing process.  Save money, improve safety, 

drive efficiency and improve project information accuracy with Option 3 today!


Option 3 pulls job information from Work Management Systems and provides a common platform for contractors and utilities to agree estimates, work completed, and changes. Once approved, invoices are sent to the utilities ERP system for payment and record keeping.


Pulls information from Work Management System and provides interface to add information, assign to contractor, or bid the work

Share, review, and update real-time schedules with your contractors

Review and approve estimates. Track progress in real-time against the estimate

Review and approve changes in real-time. Better visibility and control over change orders

Review contractor job briefs in real-time

Review contractor identified hazards and mitigations. Update safety info for the job

Track work as it is completed in real-time

Rates are applied to agreed work to generate the invoice. Facilitate contraction / utility review and approval. Send approved invoices to Utility ERP system for payment

Build and save reports

Export to send to others

Financial & Workforce Reports


Utilities spent hundreds of millions of dollars hiring contractors to maintain and upgrade their electric and gas infrastructure.


Option 3 creates benefits for utilities and contractors. 


  • Cost Savings

  • Improved worker safety

  • Better information & record keeping

  • Centralized pictures and notes

  • Transparency

  • Instant and targeted team communication

  • Reduce manual entry, redundancy, & human error

  • Improved management / decision making

  • Learn from information

  • Automate deliverables

  • Improved forecasting and accruals

  • Real time access to shared information for all users – more informed decision making

  • Empowers your foreman and field-based workforce
  • Provides new insight into your operations
  • Improve regulatory reporting capabilities




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