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Master Job File

Sub Job Feature‚Äč

The Master Job File stores all the information for each job in one place in the cloud where it can be accessed with controls by supervisors, managers, clients, and accountants.

  • Option 3 Sub Job Feature allows users to segment jobs into smaller pieces

  • Gives user the ability to customize how information will be tracked on a job-by-job basis

  • Sub Jobs replicate the tracking structure of the Parent Job, allowing users to enter notes, comments, documents, hazards, estimates, etc. at the Sub Job level

  • Users can view progress of the job at the Parent Job level and then drill down into any Sub Job of interest.

  • For Line Work, each structure or pole is typically setup as a Sub Job

  • On a distribution job, like the example below, each pole could be a Sub Job

  • Each Sub job can have its own notes, pictures, and documents (per pole)

  • Crew Roster records the time resource and equipment charged to each pole location

  • Time Allocation function provides an easy-to-use interface for the crews to allocate their time to specific tasks (or sub jobs)

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