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Modernize the way you manage contractors



Option 3 is a cloud-based software platform that supports all contractor activities. Option 3 provides easy-to-use interfaces to seamlessly share information in real-time between a contractors field operations and office staff.

  • Import or enter jobs

  • Manage, edit, or add info to jobs from the office or the field

  • Complete job briefs, and review hazards in the field

  • Schedule jobs for Construction

  • Monitor changes in real time

  • Assign teams & map team locations

  • Track everything with the Foreman View


  • Identify work to complete

  • Estimate units

  • Estimate manpower

  • Estimate equipment

  • Estimate material

  • Track HASPs

  • Identify hazards

  • Select mitigations

  • Job Brief

  • Assesments

  • App works at off-line work sites

  • Off-line project data automatically syncs to the cloud when employee has data coverage


  • Document time, people, equipment, material, and work completed

  • Automate invoicing

  • Automate utility deliverables

  • Merge payroll hours directly into your accounting system

  • Feed information to other Contractor systems

  • Build and save reports

  • Export to send to others

  • Financial & Workforce Reports



Your company provides a large volume of dollars of construction and maintenance work to clients every year. Option 3 ensures you deliver those services as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.


Option 3 creates benefits for utilities and contractors. 


  • Share information between the field and the back office in real time – more informed decision making and new insights into your operations

  • Organize information about each job in one single data storage system in the cloud (improved information & record keeping)

  • Reduce manual entry, redundancy, & human error

  • Collect Data even when site is off-line which automatically syncs to the cloud when employee has data coverage

  • Improved management / decision making with information about performance of each tea

  • Automate client deliverables (invoices, quotes, expense reports, etc.)

  • Empowers your foreman and field-based workforce

  • Improve regulatory reporting capabilities
  • Improved worker safety

    All of the above will Save You Money!