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Technical Consulting Services

EleApp provides technical consulting services to both utilities and contractors. EleApp consultants approach every engagement objectively, understanding the current situation and client priorities to create custom solutions designed to drive targeted benefits.

EleApp takes on a wide variety of projects, from identifying and tackling long hanging fruit to full system development and deployment. Some clients request specific projects or processes they want improved while others request an Operations Assessment.


By analyzing your company's system architecture and management process, EleApp can identify and rank projects. EleApp evaluates potential projects based on impact and duration searching for high impact / short duration projects.

EleApp can build solutions in whatever format your company requires. EleApp's development team has knowledge in several development languages and a range of expertise, allowing for integrated cross platform solutions. EleApp consultants have built and modified web applications, mobile applications, database design / structure, Microsoft VBA applications, and others. 


EleApp focuses on web and mobile applications. Our seasoned team of developers are experienced in dissecting processes, understanding outputs and creating custom applications to meet customer expectations.


EleApp and Tailored Solutions Consulting both operate in the utility contracting space. The two companies often collaborate to provide powerful full-service solutions to their clients. EleApp provides technical expertise and a full-suite of development services allowing clients options when solving a problem.