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About EleApp


Using technology to advance the way the utility and contractor industries operates. 


Applications - modernize contract management by building easy-to-use dynamic system solutions.

About the Company

EleApp is a software development company focused on improving business processes through innovative applications. Currently, EleApp is focused on the utility industry with aspirations of branching out to other industries in the future.

Within the utility industry, EleApp is operating in the space between utilities and contractors. Utilities invest billions of dollars a year maintaining, building, and improving the electrical grid and they hire contractors to complete a lot of this work. EleApp builds systems to facilitate / improve interactions between utilities and their contractors. 
Many of EleApp employees, including the two founders, are long time utility employees. These individuals bring an in-depth knowledge of the utility contracting world, allowing EleApp to build the best tools on the market. Each product or solution is created with context of the bigger picture and understanding of how all components will interact. 
EleApp has two types of offerings for utility and contractor clients, Applications and Consulting Services. EleApp’s first system solutions is Storm Manager, an integrated mobile and web application used to manage emergency events.
In addition, EleApp offers Option 3 our cloud based platform for contractors and utilities to digitally manage job sites.
In addition to these product offerings, EleApp provides consulting services and custom application development. Working with Tailored Solutions, utility contracting industry consultants, EleApp takes on a vast array of projects from automating tasks / deliverables, connecting systems, building mobile applications, to full system overhaul.


EleApp has a deep knowledge of the utility industry through years of building systems to handle contractor / utility interactions. EleApp developers are on the cutting edge of mobile and web application language and theory. EleApp blends these two skill sets to provide solutions that help elevate utilities and utility contracting companies.