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EleApp's Productivity Platform Helps the Contracting Industry Save Time and Money

Contractors use an array of homegrown applications and paper based tools to manage interactions with clients.

Leverage modern technology and mobile devices to manage interactions between contractors and back office teams.

Construction & maintenance contracting is a hundred billion dollar industry and much of it is still transacted with paper time sheets, excel spreadsheets, & homegrown systems

Apps for Utilities

Storm Manager is a cloud-based software platform with both mobile and web interfaces to support utility teams working to restore power. Storm Manager supports procuring contractors, assigning supervision, tracking resources, managing logistics, regulatory reporting, and invoicing. By having all parties operate on a single platform, all users are able to benefit from real-time information.

Option 3 for Utilities is a cloud-based software platform that underpins all contractor and utility interactions. Option 3 bridges the gap between Utility's Work Management System and ERP System. Option 3 supports all types of outsourced construction / maintenance work and contract types. Using Option 3 will drive vast improvements in efficiency, data accuracy, and safety while, at the same time, saving money and eliminating redundant activities.

Apps for Contractors

Option 3 for Contractors is an entirely new way for Contractors & Service Companies to manage their operations. Option 3 connects all your employees in the field through a single platform, allowing your office to stay up-to-date in real-time with everything happening in the field. With Option 3 you can streamline operations, gain insight into operations, track the performance of teams in the field and automate the process of estimating and invoicing. From providing a quotes, to scheduling and tracking work completed, payroll and billing, Option 3 will modernize your company's operations.  

If you have a back office team managing all the paperwork for your clients, Option 3 can save you a LOT of money.


Improve Your Business by Using EleApp's Innovative Applications

For software to drive improvement, it needs to be embraced by the workforce. Therefore, EleApp focuses on the user and custom-designs each interface for the end-user. Our applications are uniquely designed to seamlessly blend into daily activity, instead of being a to do item at the end of the day. By collecting information digitally throughout the day, we are then able to centralize and display it effectively for all users to benefit. EleApp's software platforms ensure everyone has access to the latest information at all times.

Storm Manager and Option 3 Features

Cloud-based software platfoms

Integrated mobile and web applications

Track and share information in real-time (notes, docs, photos)

Streamline operations and drive efficiency

Eliminate manual / redundant tasks

Eliminate paper from the process and automate deliverables

Better information to make more informed decisions

Improved data accuracy

Integrates with your Accounting Systems

Works off-line when data isn't available at job site

Ability to look back historically at any job's details